Tiffany Pesci Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids, Husband, Parents, And Career

Tiffany Pesci is more than just the daughter of acclaimed actor Joe Pesci – she has built an impressive career in her own right as an actress and model in Hollywood. As the child of a famous parent, Tiffany worked hard to create her own identity and find success outside of her legendary father’s shadow.

Who is Tiffany Pesci?

Tiffany Pesci

While forever associated with her legendary father, Joe Pesci, one of the most acclaimed actors of the past 50 years known for acclaimed collaborations with directors like Martin Scorsese and Chris Columbus, Tiffany Pesci has built an impressive identity of her own outside of simply being Hollywood royalty.

Though the Pesci name undoubtedly opened doors earlier in her career like roles in indie films The Biz and Abusharkh, Tiffany put in the hard work through extensive modeling and brand partnership deals with fashion houses like D&G to build her own personal fortune and fame. 

Tiffany, the daughter of Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro, who were briefly married in the late 1980s during the height of Joe’s fame, Tiffany grew up with creativity and stardom surrounding her from birth in 1975. 

However, rather than relying on the iconic Pesci family name, Tiffany diligently paved her own path in the entertainment industry, first as an actress and later as a model for high fashion magazines and brands. 

Never one to sit back passively, Tiffany carefully managed both her personal and professional lives even as she balanced carrying the weighty legacy of being the daughter of a Tinseltown icon like Joe Pesci. 

Today, even as she continues to act in smaller indie films and model occasionally, Tiffany purposely avoids the tabloid glare focused on her heritage to devote more time to her philanthropic work supporting animal charities, proving she is more substance than simply Hollywood royalty.

Early Life and Background

Tiffany Pesci entered the world in 1975, destined for life in the spotlight as the daughter of actor Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro, Hollywood stars who were married from 1988-1992. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tiffany was immersed in the entertainment world from her earliest days. 

Her parents’ lavish Beverly Hills home was often frequented by members of the Hollywood elite, and Joe Pesci was smack in the prime of his acting career, racking up iconic performances in cinematic masterpieces like Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Home Alone. 

Though just a child, Tiffany displayed plenty of creativity and ambition as she set her sights on following her parents’ footsteps into the entertainment industry one day. She leveraged the Pesci family privileges and connections to begin acting by the age of 10. 

However, Tiffany purposely took pains to avoid riding on the coattails of her legendary father. With laser focus, she navigated her own path through auditions and roles to build acting credits and modeling resumes entirely independent of simply being Joe Pesci’s daughter.


Tiffany Pesci

Tiffany Pesci worked diligently to build an acting and modeling career separate from her iconic father. She scored her first major role in 2002, a part in the critically-acclaimed film Empire. This breakthrough kicked off Tiffany’s path to racking up credits in movies and television over the next 15 years. 

She leveraged her girl-next-door good looks into print modeling gigs and fashion layouts for major magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. All while balancing her Hollywood pedigree, Tiffany intentionally carved out her own identity, even as she faced immense pressure as the daughter of all-time cinema great Joe Pesci. 

Approaching her late 40s, Tiffany continues to act in minor films and advocate for animal charities when not focused on her greatest priority – being a single mother raising her children. 

While the Pesci surname undoubtedly opened doors early on, Tiffany’s dedication to craft and business savvy has earned her dozens of unique accomplishments entirely separate from her father’s towering legacy.

Tiffany Pesci Career

Tiffany Pesci

While the Pesci last name undeniably opened some early doors due to her father Joe’s revered Hollywood status, Tiffany was determined to build acting and modeling careers entirely separate from her father’s unparalleled legacy. 

She diligently carved out her own identity, first scoring big in 2002 with a major film role in Empire, winner of two Academy Awards. Steadily racking up dozens of credits in movies and television over the next decade, Tiffany transitioned smoothly into modeling with her natural poise and girl-next-door looks. 

She soon established herself by walking runways and landing lucrative endorsement deals. However, Tiffany purposely avoided buying into the glitz and indulgence stereotypical of Hollywood star kids. A single mother devoted to raising her children, she balances life outside the spotlight with occasional acting gigs and activism supporting animal rescue organizations. 

Now approaching 50 careerwise, Tiffany continues to avoid the attention of her famous last name to focus on new creative outlets and passions still evolving, proving her drive extends well beyond being the daughter of one of Hollywood’s most legendary actors.

She has also frequently worked as a model for fashion and lifestyle photo shoots. Like her mother, Claudia Haro, Tiffany leveraged her beauty and poise for professional modeling opportunities.

Some of the notable titles Tiffany has appeared in over her career include:

  • Empire (2002 film)
  • CSI: NY (TV series guest role)
  • Entourage (TV series guest arc)
  • Rules of Engagement (TV sitcom guest spot)
  • Music video for artist Kid Rock
  • Print ads for CoverGirl cosmetics
  • Fashion layouts in magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar

Through both acting and modeling work, Tiffany has succeeded in building an impressive career all her own. 

While the Pesci name undoubtedly opened some early doors, her dedication and talent have earned Tiffany dozens of credits entirely independent of her legendary father.

Tiffany Pesci’s parents, Joe and Claudia, shared a marriage that lasted from 1988 to 1992

Tiffany Pesci was born during the short-lived marriage between legendary actor Joe Pesci and actress Claudia Haro, who were husband and wife from 1988-1992. Their relationship and breakup unfolded under the relentless glare of the Hollywood spotlight, focused intensely on Joe Pesci. 

In the late 1980s, Pesci’s acting career exploded into mega-stardom thanks to star-making turns in cinematic masterpieces like Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Home Alone, solidifying his rare status as a beloved celebrity at the pinnacle of the entertainment world. 

The period surrounding his wedding and then turbulent divorce a mere four years later became tabloid fodder, with young Tiffany unfortunately caught in the mess. Yet, despite the trauma of her parents’ split, Tiffany grew up devoted to both her mother and father. 

She later reflected philosophically on Joe and Claudia’s ill-fated marriage, attributing much of the friction to the strains only magnified by Tinseltown. Both her parents thankfully remained loving in Tiffany’s life even after the Pesci vs. Haro soap opera reached its finale in the early 1990s.

Her Father Joe Pesci

Tiffany Pesci

As the daughter of Joe Pesci, one of the most acclaimed actors of the past half-century, Tiffany grew up with a larger-than-life father known globally as a Hollywood legend. 

The rare celebrity whose Italian-American working class background served only to magnify his onscreen magnetism, Joe Pesci built an acting career littered with iconic performances in cinematic masterpieces spanning decades. 

From gritty earlier films like Raging Bull and Once Upon a Time in America to his legendary collaborations with director Martin Scorsese including Goodfellas and Casino to beloved comedies like Home Alone and My Cousin Vinny, Pesci racked up acclaim usually reserved for Tinseltown’s greatest icons. 

For Tiffany, this meant a childhood surrounded by fame, fortune and industrial pressures as the daughter of acting nobility and little privacy. Thankfully, Joe Pesci was a doting father determined to provideTiffany with support and love while safeguarding her from Hollywood excess. 

Though intimidating in presence, Joe imparted an understated dignity to his children through a focus on family values over celebrity superficiality — values that clearly molded Tiffany, as evidenced by her charitable focus and shunning of tabloid spotlights today.

Know About Her Mother, Claudia Haro

Tiffany Pesci

Like her former husband Joe Pesci, Claudia Haro also enjoyed some modest success as an actress around the same late ‘80s period that included her short marriage to Pesci. 

She earned small roles in films like Casualties of War while also dabbling in modeling during the height of Joe’s acting fame. 

However, Claudia became better known later on for her legal problems, struggling with substance abuse issues and even serving jail time for assault convictions in the early 2000s. 

Undoubtedly the stresses of being subjected to the harsh glare focused on those orbiting celebrities like Joe Pesci exacerbated her troubles. 

Thankfully daughter Tiffany was able to move past the difficult period of her mother’s life to still embrace a loving relationship with Claudia. These days, Haro maintains a low profile as she supports Tiffany’s career from the sidelines, undoubtedly still regretting high-profile troubles causing strain for her child. 

Through maturity and resilience, Tiffany has shown she inherited more from her mother than just good looks by exemplifying the determination to live life on her own terms.

For what cause was Tiffany’s stepmother, Claudia Haro, arrested?

In the early 2000s, Tiffany’s mother Claudia Haro had multiple run-ins with the law that resulted in arrests and even jail time. Her main offense was a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon in 2000 after attacking a woman with a knife outside a Hollywood nightclub. 

Haro served several months in prison for the violent altercation. Previously in 1998, she had also been charged with making criminal threats against a separate individual but those charges were eventually dropped. 

Friends and family indicated Haro’s legal problems stemmed from escalating substance abuse issues as she struggled with the pressures of post-divorce life after splitting from legendary actor Joe Pesci in 1992. 

Undoubtedly the stresses of being under Hollywood’s microscope during and after her marriage to Pesci exacerbated Claudia’s troubles. Thankfully for daughter Tiffany’s sake, Haro eventually completed her legal obligations and managed to overcome her personal demons. 

Still, her violent offenses and run-ins with the law marked a difficult chapter for the Pesci family.

The personal lives of Joe and Claudia following their divorce

After their split in 1992, Joe Pesci and Claudia Haro took decidedly different paths in both their personal and professional lives. Joe gradually withdrew from acting over the ensuing decade, enjoying his immense wealth and reflecting on a monumentally successful career. 

He focused on business ventures and became an elusive figure in Hollywood circles, making just occasional cameos to remind fans of his rare star power. 

Meanwhile, Claudia struggled to adapt post-divorce, running afoul of the law multiple times before serving jail time for assault convictions in the early 2000s. Their turbulent marriage and messy divorce had played out uncomfortably under the tabloid media’s glare focused on Joe’s fame. 

Fortunately, Tiffany, the daughter, continued to have strong bonds with both of her parents. Now, decades later, Joe Pesci remains living privately off his acting fortune, while Haro has avoided further legal troubles. 

Even though the Pesci and Haro split dominated Hollywood gossip circles at the time, both actors eventually moved on to find some stability in new phases of their lives, even though only one of them avoided the harsh spotlight of celebrity.

Tiffany Pesci Siblings

Tiffany Pesci

As the daughter of two entertainers, Tiffany Pesci grew up with several siblings and half-siblings over the years. Her mother Claudia Haro was briefly married for a second time in the 1990s, which resulted in Tiffany gaining three half-brothers – Josh, Julius James and Jacob. 

Her own father Joe Pesci never remarried but did welcome another child later in life – in 1999 his son Joseph Pesci Jr was born to then-girlfriend Angie Everhart. 

So while technically an only child for the bulk of her youth whenever staying with acclaimed actor Joe, overall Tiffany spent much of her life surrounded by several younger brothers thanks to the complicated extended families of Hollywood stars. 

Having navigated tricky family dynamics from a young age likely contributed to Tiffany’s grounded maturity and independence evident in her adult years.

She maintained strong familial bonds with her diverse siblings even through subsequent relocations, divorces and new marriages. 

While complex for outsiders to grasp, for Tiffany her unusual but always supportive family life growing up with both half and step brothers became simply normal throughout her childhood into adulthood.

Tiffany Pesci’s net worth

Tiffany Pesci

While nowhere near the mammoth wealth amassed by her iconic father, JoePesci,i from his acting and investments, Tiffany Pesci has accumulated her own comfortable fortune estimated to be around $2 million. 

The bulk of her wealth stems from a busy acting career spanning over 20 years with dozens of roles racked up in film and television projects. 

Lucrative modeling contracts and endorsement deals with brands like CoverGirl Cosmetics over the years also substantially boosted Tiffany’s income.

Additionally, coming from show business royalty likely meant Tiffany benefited from Pesci family financial support for education, housing, and more early on. 

Yet for someone who could have easily just idly relied on her father’s estimated $50 million net worth, Tiffany’s charting her own career path reflects impressive drive. 

Between acting wages, modeling fees, and likely some inheritance someday from her famous father, Tiffany Pesci enjoys financial security most in Hollywood could only dream of – yet impressively earned on her own terms.

Printed materials and endorsements for brands

In addition to a thriving career as an actress and model, Tiffany Pesci has frequently appeared in printed materials and provided endorsements for major commercial brands. 

She has been featured in high-profile fashion layouts for magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar over the years. 

Additionally, Tiffany signed lucrative endorsement deals to be the face of brands like luxury Swiss watchmaker Chopard and cosmetics giant CoverGirl. 

She also penned lifestyle columns focused on health, wellness and family for prominent women’s magazines. 

With poise and savvy business instincts, Tiffany leveraged her visibility to partner with top-tier labels even as she carefully controlled her overall exposure.

Joe Pesci Height and Weight

As one of the most iconic actors to ever grace the silver screen, Joe Pesci has left behind a towering legacy despite his diminutive physical stature. 

Standing at just 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) tall, Pesci has nonetheless dominated every scene he appears in thanks to his larger-than-life charisma and presence. During the prime of his acting career which spanned from the 1970s through the 1990s, Joe’s weight was reported to be around 145 pounds (66 kg) – fitting his small frame. 

However, the veteran New Jersey native actor never let his lack of height deter him, using it instead to his advantage by playing gritty, streetwise characters. 

Pound for pound, few could match Joe Pesci’s combination of talent and onscreen intensity during his prime run starring in cinematic masterpieces like Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and My Cousin Vinny.

Controversy, Rumors

Unlike her Oscar-winning father, Joe Pesci, Tiffany has largely avoided controversy and scandals so far in her acting and modeling career. 

There were some rumors in 2010 that she underwent plastic surgery, though Tiffany never directly confirmed if this was true. 

In 2017, she had to publicly deny false tabloid reports that alleged she was romantically involved with a married man. 

Otherwise, Tiffany tends to stay out of the headlines, focusing more on showcasing her modeling work and glamorous lifestyle on Instagram. 

With a relatively small-scale acting resume compared to a mega-star like Joe Pesci, she has also drawn little scrutiny for her actual film and TV performances thus far.

Tiffany Pesci’s Successes and What She is Doing Now?

Now in her late 40s, Tiffany Pesci continues to work regularly as an actress. Recent credits include roles in smaller independent films like The Bronze and Dirty Dead Con Men.

Tiffany also still models occasionally, although she tends to avoid the tabloid spotlight focused on her famous last name. Outside of Hollywood, she devotes time to philanthropic work supporting animal welfare groups.

While the Pesci family name will always be legendary in Tinseltown history thanks to her iconic father Joe Pesci’s towering career achievements and award mantle, Tiffany has carved out an impressive acting and modeling resume in her own right.

Balancing entertainment industry success with her famous heritage, Tiffany Pesci has navigated the tricky waters of being Hollywood royalty. Rather than live in her father’s shadow, she found achievement through hard work and talent to build an identity of her own. Her story continues to evolve today, with new projects on the horizon.

Interesting Facts About Tiffany Pesci

  • She speaks fluent Italian thanks to the Pesci family’s heritage
  • Tiffany is an avid pet lover and supporter of animal charities
  • She has been romantically linked to several famous men, like Charlie Sheen and Garrett Warren, in the past
  • Tiffany stays incredibly fit through intensive Pilates workouts
  • Her first ever acting role came at age 10 in a Broadway musical
  • Tiffany has dual American and Italian citizenship


What does Tiffany Pesci do for a living?

Tiffany Pesci works as a model and actress.

Does Joe Pesci have children?

Joe Pesci has one child – his daughter Tiffany.

Who is Tiffany Pesci’s father?

Tiffany Pesci’s father is acclaimed actor Joe Pesci.

How is Pesci’s net worth?

Joe Pesci’s net worth is approximately $50 million.


As the only child of legendary actor Joe Pesci, Tiffany Pesci grew up surrounded by fame and fortune, paving an easier path for her entry into show business. Now in her mid-30s, Tiffany has enjoyed modest success as an actress but a more robust career as a model, starring in editorial campaigns and advertisements for over 15 years. 

She leverages her Hollywood last name effectively while also relying on her natural beauty in front of the camera. Tiffany appears unmarried and without children still, which allows her to focus her time on glamorous modeling opportunities. 

Her social media depicts a lavish lifestyle alongside sweet throwbacks with her proud father, Joe Pesci. Tiffany’s net worth likely sits comfortably over a million, benefiting from both inheritance and her own salaries over the years. 

While not yet a household name like Joe Pesci, Tiffany Pesci has established herself as a working actress and model with credits under her belt. As she enters her late 30s, Tiffany seems primed to continue capitalizing on her show business pedigree while also forging her own path on runways and magazine covers as more than just the daughter of a cinematic icon.

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