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Phyllis McGuire, the youngest of the legendary McGuire Sisters singing trio, was born in 1931 in Middletown, Ohio. From a tender age of four, Phyllis and her older sisters Christine and Dorothy began harmonizing together, performing at local events like weddings and funerals. Their mother, a minister at the Miamisburg First Church of God, nurtured their musical talents early on.

It was this humble upbringing that laid the foundation for their future stardom. The sisters’ angelic voices and synchronized dance moves won over audiences, leading to their big break on the popular TV show “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts” in the early 1950s.

Rise to Stardom as the McGuire Sisters

With their sweet, innocent image and matching outfits, the McGuire Sisters took the 1950s music scene by storm. Phyllis, often front and center, lent her powerful lead vocals to hits like:

  • “Sincerely”
  • “Sugartime”
  • “Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite”
  • “Something’s Gotta Give”

These chart-toppers showcased their tight harmonies and melodic flair. At the peak of their popularity in 1960, each sister was earning over $1 million per year – an astronomical sum for the era.

But their success went beyond financial rewards. The McGuire Sisters:

  • Performed for multiple U.S. Presidents and Queen Elizabeth I
  • Were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame (2001) and National Broadcasting Hall of Fame (1994)
  • Reunited in 1986 for concert tours after a brief 1968 split

While trends shifted with the rise of rock icons like Elvis Presley, the McGuire Sisters’ traditional style kept them thriving for decades.

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Phyllis’ $8 Million Net Worth

Thanks to record sales, touring, TV appearances, and even some acting roles like the 1963 film “Come Blow Your Horn” alongside Frank Sinatra, Phyllis McGuire amassed an impressive net worth of $8 million by the time of her 2020 death.

This small-town girl from Ohio transformed into a millionaire by utilizing her incredible vocals and business savvy. Her net worth allowed Phyllis to live comfortably in her later years in Las Vegas.

Personal Life – Marriage, Mobster Affair & Downfall

Personal Life - Marriage, Mobster Affair & Downfall

Despite her professional triumphs, Phyllis McGuire’s personal life was tumultuous. In 1952, she married Neal Van Ells, but the marriage ended in divorce just four years later in 1956.

More controversially, Phyllis became involved with the notorious Chicago mobster Sam Giancana in the 1960s. When their affair was exposed by the FBI in 1965, it sparked national outrage and nearly derailed the McGuire Sisters’ careers.

He was kind of dumb-like, a man who did not know what he could not do with me.” – Phyllis McGuire on Sam Giancana

Yet Phyllis remained loyal to Giancana, one of the few public figures to attend his funeral after his 1975 murder. This relationship underscored her rebellious, unpredictable nature off-stage.

Phyllis McGuire’s Death at 89 in 2020

On December 29, 2020, the iconic Phyllis McGuire passed away at age 89 in her Las Vegas home. While the exact cause was unknown, her death marked the end of an era for fans of the legendary McGuire Sisters.

Phyllis outlived her two older sisters Christine and Dorothy, leaving behind a musical legacy carried on by nieces, nephews, and generations of listeners who fell in love with hits like “Sugartime.”

In the words of singer Pat Boone, the McGuire Sisters displayed “more quality, individuality, artistry and creativity than anyone” in their field. And at the center of it all was the youngest sister Phyllis – the voice and face that defined their timeless appeal.


Who are the McGuire Sisters that died? 

Of the three McGuire Sisters singing group members, Phyllis was the youngest and the last to pass away in 2020 at age 89. Her older sisters Christine and Dorothy predeceased her.

How much did the McGuire Sisters make?
At the height of their 1950s/1960s fame, it’s estimated each of the three McGuire Sisters earned over $1 million per year – a staggering sum for that era’s music industry.

Who was the youngest McGuire sister? 

Phyllis McGuire was the youngest of the three singing McGuire Sisters. As the lead vocalist, she often garnered the most attention standing front and center.

Did any of the McGuire Sisters marry? 

Yes, Phyllis McGuire was briefly married to Neal Van Ells from 1952 to 1956 before getting divorced. Her two older sisters Christine and Dorothy did not marry.

Through her incredible vocals, business prowess, and bold personal life, Phyllis McGuire cemented herself as a true entertainment icon. Her enduring legacy with the McGuire Sisters will continue to inspire generations of performers to come.

Phyllis McGuire was a well-known American singer and Actress. She is a member of a band The McGire Sisters with her sisters.

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