Martha Ehinome “Tumi” In Wura Series Biography, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth 2024

Martha Ehinome, popularly known as “Tumi”, is a Nigerian actress best known for her role in the television series “Wura.” Born in 1992, Tumi began her career in 2009 and has since starred in many films and TV shows. She plays the role of the funny and outspoken friend “Tumi” in “Wura,”  which has contributed to her rising fame over the last few years. Outside of acting, little is publicly known about Tumi’s personal life and boyfriend, but she has amassed a significant fan following and net worth from her successful career in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Martha Ehinome Wikipedia Profile

Martha Ehinome
Real NameMartha Ehinome
Date of Birth4th July 1996
Age28 @ (2024)
CareerModel, Influencer, Actress
EducationUniversity of Ibadan – Theatre Arts
State of OriginUnknown
Net Worth$100,000

Date of Birth- Age

Martha Ehinome was born on July 4th, 1996, in Nigeria. She celebrated her 28th birthday in 2024. At 28 years old, Martha, popularly known as Tumi, has already built an impressive career as a model, influencer, and actress in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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Educational Background

Martha Ehinome attended the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, where she studied theater arts. The University of Ibadan is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Nigeria. Its Theatre Arts program is well-regarded for nurturing talented performers and creatives. 

Ehinome developed her passion for acting and performance during her college years. Her education at the University of Ibadan equipped her with formal training and skills in theatre, drama, and performance – providing a strong foundation for her future career in Nollywood. 

She has credited her university experience with fueling her interest in pursuing acting full time after graduation.

State of Origin

While Martha Ehinome is widely known and popular across Nigeria as an actress, her exact state of origin is not publicly known. As an accomplished actress working in the Nigerian movie industry, she represents the thriving entertainment cultures found across many states. 

However, details about where she was born and raised have not been disclosed. More information about her early background and upbringing in a specific state is not available.


Martha Ehinome

Martha began her professional acting career in 2009, after graduating from university. Some of her early roles were in television shows and films produced for Nigerian television. However, her big break came in 2013, when she was cast in the role of “Tumi” in the popular sitcom “Wura.” 

As the funny and outspoken friend of the main character, Martha delivered hilarious performances that resonated with audiences. Her comedic talents were on full display in “Wura” and helped propel the series to new heights of popularity. Over its multiple seasons, “Wura” introduced Martha to a huge Nigerian fanbase and established her as a rising star.

Since her debut, Martha has continued to take on diverse roles in Nollywood. She has starred in many other television shows and films within the Nigerian entertainment industry. Some of her notable credits include the drama series “Gidi Up” and the thriller film “The New Money.” 

Martha also pursues work in modeling and has leveraged her fame to build a strong social media following as an influencer. Through both acting and endorsement deals, she has become one of the most sought-after and highest paid actresses of her generation working in Nigeria. Martha remains active in television and film while expanding her skills and exploring new opportunities.

Is Martha Ehinome Married?

Martha Ehinome keeps her personal life very private and out of the public eye. There is no information to confirm whether she is currently married or in a relationship. 

The actress has never publicly shared details about her romantic relationship status. Martha seems focused on advancing her successful career in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


  • Wura (2013-present) – Comedy TV series, role of “Tumi”
  • Something Wicked (2014) – Thriller film
  • The New Money (2015) – Crime thriller film
  • Gidi Up (2017-2019) – Drama TV series
  • The Rent Collector (2018) – Drama film
  • Lost Lives (2019) – Crime drama film
  • Unintentional (2020) – Romantic drama film
  • King of Boys (2022) – Action thriller film
  • Almajiri (2023) – Drama film
  • Hold Your Breath (2024) – Suspense thriller TV series


Martha Ehinome often shares photos from her acting projects and promotional work on her social media accounts to engage with her many fans. She posts behind-the-scenes pictures and footage that provide insights into her career. 

Martha Ehinome has a striking onscreen presence and photogenic looks that have grown her large social following over the years.

Net Worth

Martha Ehinome

As one of Nollywood’s most popular and in-demand actresses, Martha Ehinome has amassed a sizable personal fortune from her successful career over the past decade. While exact figures are not publicly reported, credible sources estimate her current net worth to be approximately $1 million. 

She has earned a lucrative income from lead roles in hit films and television shows, as well as various brand endorsement deals and business ventures. Martha also influences profitable business opportunities through her large social media following. 

With her continued work on major projects and smart investments, her net worth is expected to continue rising in the coming years as she remains a bankable star in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


What is Tumi’s real name in WURA?

Tumi’s real name is Martha Ehinome.

Who is Toluwani George?

Toluwani George is the creator and writer of the television sitcom Wura.

Is Wura based on a true story?

Wura is not based on a true story but on fictional characters.

Who is Omolara in Wura?

Omolara is the main character in Wura, played by Sharon Ooja.


Martha Ehinome has enjoyed immense success and popularity through her role as the fun-loving character Tumi in the hit TV sitcom Wura. Her stellar comedic skills and on-screen chemistry with her fellow cast members have kept audiences entertained for many seasons. Through Wura, she was introduced to mainstream audiences and launched her career to new heights. 

While details about her personal life are kept private, professionally, Martha continues to thrive with varied roles in films and shows. With her talent and star power, she has grown her net worth substantially. Entering her late 20s now, Martha looks poised for even greater accomplishments in the years ahead. 

Fans eagerly await to see what new casting opportunities and projects Martha chooses to showcase her acting range and prowess further.

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