Kristen Saban Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Child, Net Worth

“She’s a powerful woman who has carried the torch admirably while also giving back.” These words from proud father Nick Saban, the legendary football coach, perfectly encapsulate his adopted daughter Kristen Saban. While her dad made headlines leading teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide to championships, Kristen carved her own niche through hard work and determination.

Who is Kristen Saban? Her Early Life & Background

Born in 1995, Kristen’s early years were spent on the move as the family followed Nick Saban’s coaching career, going from Michigan State to LSU to the Miami Dolphins before finally settling in Alabama in 2007. Despite the transitions, she thrived – a cheerleader at Tuscaloosa Academy and later attending the University of Alabama.

Her unwavering passion for sports management blossomed from an early age, no doubt influenced by her famous father’s achievements. Kristen worked as a student assistant for the Crimson Tide football program, gaining invaluable experience.

Kristen Saban’s Age, Height & Other Key Facts

Now 29 years old (her exact birth date is unknown since she was adopted), Kristen stands tall at 5’6″ (167 cm) and maintains an athletic build. Her vital stats:

  • Height: 5’6″ (167 cm)
  • Weight: 182 lbs (83 kg)
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Light Brown

One fun fact? Kristen’s dedication to Alabama football from a young age was unshakable – she remained a diehard Crimson Tide fan even after graduating!

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Kristen’s Flourishing Career in Sports Event Management

After her studies, Kristen dove into the world of sports event planning and has been making mighty waves since. Her current role as an Event Manager at the prestigious Bruno Event Team in Birmingham has her overseeing major tournaments and championships.

Her responsibilities extend to marketing, public relations, and social media management for the company. From SEC tournaments to prestigious golf events like the U.S. Women’s Open and U.S. Senior Open, Kristen has gained multi-sport experience.

Beyond her day job, she serves on the Board of Directors for the family’s own Nick’s Kids Foundation, continuing to give back. Her resume also includes a previous role as Marketing Director at Mercedes Benz of Birmingham.

What is Kristen Saban’s Net Worth?

With her blossoming career and high-profile family connections, it’s no surprise that Kristen has amassed an impressive net worth estimated at a whopping $4 million!

While her business successes are significant contributors, her father Nick Saban’s staggering $60 million net worth has certainly provided a solid foundation. As such, Kristen is likely to inherit a substantial sum from her parents in the future.

Kristen Saban’s Husband Adam Setas & Their Kids

Kristen Saban's Husband Adam Setas & Their Kids

When it comes to her personal life, Kristen hit the jackpot! In 2015, she married her childhood friend Adam Setas in a lavish yet sentimental ceremony held at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Alabama’s campus.

Their relationship had come full circle – Adam and Kristen first met as 5-year-old neighbors in East Lansing, Michigan. Their mothers carpooled them to preschool, establishing a lifelong bond.

After drifting apart, they reconnected during their senior year at the University of Alabama and that first date kicked off their romantic journey.

Adam’s own impressive background includes being a former hockey player and currently working as a wealth management advisor.

The couple’s fairytale continued with the birth of two beautiful children:

  • Son: James Nicholas
  • Daughter: Amelie Elizabeth

FAQs About Kristen Saban

Where does Kristen Saban live?

Kristen and her family call the upscale Alabama suburb of Mountain Brook home, about an hour’s drive from the Tuscaloosa campus that means so much to them.

Who is Kristen Saban’s mother?

Kristen’s mother is Terry Saban, who has been married to coaching legend Nick Saban for over 50 years. She adopted Kristen along with son Nicholas Saban.

How rich is Kristen Saban?

As mentioned, Kristen Saban has an estimated personal net worth of around $4 million from her successful career. However, her net worth is bolstered by her father’s much higher $60 million net worth.

Who is Kristen Saban married to?

Kristen Saban has been married to Adam Setas since their lavish 2015 wedding ceremony in Alabama. Adam is a wealth management advisor.


From her humble beginnings as an athletics-loving adopted child to her current status as a flourishing sports entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kristen Saban’s journey encapsulates the quintessential American dream.

Through her unwavering determination, natural charisma, and professionalism, she has not just created her own identity separate from her famous father, but actively given back to communities in need.

As Kristen’s star continues rising, perhaps propelling her net worth even higher in the years ahead, one thing is certain – her feet remain firmly planted in cherished values of hard work and gratitude. In many ways, her path exemplifies the life lessons gleaned from her father’s championship-winning career.

So what’s next for this powerhouse? The stage is set for Kristen to elevate her already impressive legacy, solidifying herself as an inspiration to millions. Fans and well-wishers have no doubts she’ll rise to that challenge with her signature poise and Saban spirit!

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