50 Korean Hairstyles For Men 2024

Popular Korean hairstyles for men in 2024 include short and mid-length styles that are easy to maintain. Some trendy options are the crew cut, which is short on the back and sides and long on top, allowing for styling; the taper fade, which fades the hair from short on the bottom to longer on top, and messy textured styles that have volume and movement on top while keeping the sides short. Bangs or fringes are also fashionable, swept to the side or across the forehead. For something longer, men can try styles with soft layers, loose curls or waves throughout, and bangs swept up off the forehead. No matter the length, these hairstyles have a casual vibe that is stylish yet low maintenance perfect for busy men in 2024.

Top Korean Male Idol Hairstyles in 2024

Korean Hairstyles

Popular hairstyles for Korean male idols in 2024 include sweeping fringes swept across the forehead. 

Idol groups like BTS and Stray Kids have popularized styles with soft textured elements on top and blended sides. Wavy textures throughout with a bit of volume at the crown are another trademark look. 

Meanwhile, idol stars like Jungkook of BTS have sported trendy creased bangs swept up into place. Overall, 2024 sees Korean male idols favoring casual yet styled hair that can be worn for intense choreographies and stages.

Two Block with Bangs

Korean Hairstyles

The Two Block with Bangs hairstyle is very stylish and easy to achieve. For this look, the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut short in a rectangular block shape on each side. The hair on top is left longer to create choppy textured layers throughout with bangs swept across the forehead. 

This hairstyle is low maintenance as the short sides don’t require much styling. Meanwhile, the top pieces can be tousled and played with for a tousled natural finish.

The bangs framed the face nicely and brought visual interest. Overall, the Two Block with Bangs cut is a versatile yet on-trend option for both casual and dressy occasions.

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The undercut is a versatile men’s hairstyle that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves cutting one side of the head very short, usually with clippers, while leaving the hair on the top and other side longer. 

This creates a contrast between the short buzzed area and the longer styled hair on top. The length on top can be styled in various ways like slicked back or with a bit of textured volume. The undercut looks edgy and contemporary while keeping the style up top customizable. 

It works well for all face shapes as the short back and sides help to balance out features. Overall, the undercut is low maintenance with an on-trend flair thanks to its blended contrasting lengths.

Samurai Ponytail

Korean Hairstyles
  • Originated from the topknot style worn by samurai warriors in feudal Japan.
  • It involves gathering all the hair at the top and crown of the head and securing it into a high ponytail.
  • Usually worn by men who have grown out longer hair lengths past the shoulders.
  • To achieve this, brush hair straight back from the face and tie it tightly at the back of the head.
  • It can be worn neatly for a cleaner look or pulled out of small sections of hair for added texture.
  • Accessorizing with hair ties, ribbons or bands in masculine colors adds to the traditional samurai aesthetic of the style.

Short Korean Haircuts

Korean Hairstyles

Short Korean haircuts for men are very popular and versatile. Clean cut styles with stylishly textured tops are ubiquitous. 

Popular options include slicked back cuts with blended sides, voluminous swept bangs, and layered undercuts with shaved lines.

These cuts look sophisticated yet laidback perfect for everyday wear in both formal and casual settings.


The crop cut has uniform short lengths all over the head. To achieve this look, hair is trimmed very short, usually with a pair of clippers all around. 

This maintains an even-all-over style that needs little styling. It works well for hot weather or active lifestyles as it stays neatly in place. The crop cut is low maintenance and looks polished.


A faded haircut fades the hair from very short at the back and sides to longer hair on the top. Clippers are used to shave the bottom hair incredibly close. 

The length then gradually increases to longer strands on top. This creates a seamless blend between short and long.

Styling products can give texture to the top. A fade style looks stylish yet casual, perfect for almost any age.


For the classic cut, hair is trimmed to a uniform short length but can be given shape with side parts or spiky tops. Scissors are used to create a clean cut look. Some length is left on top to style, if desired. 

Texturizing products provide fullness. This traditional cut remains timeless and versatile for work or play. Whether dressy or messy on top, the classic style is simple yet sophisticated.

Korean Medium-Length Hairstyles: Romance and Punk

Korean Hairstyles

Two trendy Korean medium hairstyles gaining popularity are Romance and Punk. The Romance style is softly textured throughout, with layers around the face and a crown pulled back with a hair clip for a feminine look. 

The Punk cut has dyed colors, shaved sides and back with longer messy strands on top giving an edgy vibe. Both hairstyles sit at between chin and shoulder length requiring some daily upkeep but still less work than longer styles. 

These cuts add flair and self-expression while keeping hair out of the face. They look stylish, worn down or in half-updos depending on lifestyle from girly to energetic.


The Mohawk is an edgy hairstyle featuring shaved or closely cropped sides with a strip of longer hair running from the forehead to the back of the head. 

It creates a distinctive ridge of hair allowing for spikes, fades or other styling. The high-impact Mohawk makes a bold statement perfect for performances or standout styles.


  • Originated from the 1990s alternative rock music scene.
  • It involves messy, longer lengths on top with choppy texture throughout.
  • Layers and bangs are left to fall naturally with volume.
  • Dirtier appearance compared to more polished cuts.
  • It is optional to add shades of darker color or highlights for dimension.
  • It looks best when tousled with fingers instead of over-styled for an edgy lived-in look.

Two Blocks with Flowing Fringes

The Two Blocks with Flowing Fringes style has structure with a casual feel. It involves the hair on the lower sides and back being trimmed short to the same length in a boxy shape around the head. While longer strands are left on top and allowed to naturally frame the face. 

The top lengths sweep across the forehead in wispy fringes and longer pieces shape the crown. Texture and volume throughout give the appearance of just rolling out of bed while the short sides maintain definition. 

With or without the product, this cut stays breezy during hot weather and works for both clean-cut and relaxed looks, depending on how the top layers are styled.

Trendy Men’s Haircuts in Korea for Long Hair

Many Korean men are keeping their hair longer now with stylish cuts that look polished yet laid back. Popular looks layer the top and sides evenly to shoulder length leaving some pieces untrimmed in the front for swept bangs. 

Others wear a center or side part along with strategic blending shorter around the back and ears. Texturizing techniques like disconnection, razoring and tousling with fingers provide natural texture and airy volume suitable for hot weather. 

Long on top styles suit round, heart-shaped and oval faces while undercuts balance square jaws. No matter your face shape, these cuts make long lengths easy to manage every day and are a versatile blank canvas for experimenting with new hair colors and highlights too.

Soft Bob

The Soft Bob is a chin-length cut featuring textured layers and rounded edges that frame the face beautifully. 

It is tousled yet polished, with movement and volume at the crown for a relaxed, breezy look that is easy to style and versatile for both casual and dressy occasions.


The Mallet cut is a modern take on a classic style featuring short sides and backs, graduating to longer lengths on top. Sharp edges are softened all around for an elegant yet edgy look. 

The product is used to lift roots and shape the top into loosely textured waves that fall flawlessly around the face and neck. This romantic cut has lasting appeal.

Classic Bob

  • Hits just below the chin in a straight, blunt cut all around.
  • Can have very minimal layering or none at all for a simple shape.
  • It remains timeless and versatile for both casual and dressed up looks.
  • Best complementing round, oval and heart-shaped face shapes.
  • Light product adds shine while keeping the style sleek and neatly in place.
  • It is optional to add short bangs or a longer bang swept to one side for extra flair.

How to Keep Your Korean Hairstyle Up

  1. Wash hair no more than 2-3 times a week to maintain natural oils.
  2. Use a lightweight hairspray or cream to add texture and hold without weighing hair down.
  3. Refresh style each morning by spritzing with water and re-applying products.
  4. Limit heat styling, air drying when possible to protect hair health.
  5. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks are needed to maintain shape.
  6. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to preserve your hair overnight.
  7. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to gently detangle, avoid rubbing.
  8. Consider trying hair masks/treatments weekly for extra moisture.
  9. Wear a hat on windy or wet days to shield hair from elements.
  10. Pin/clip bangs or layers back as needed throughout the day for extra longevity.


Which Korean hairstyle suits me male?

It depends on your face shape, hair type, and personal style.

Which haircut is popular in Korea?

Stylish textured cuts with shaggy/swept tops and blended sides are very popular for men in Korea.

How do you style your hair at 50?

For mature styles, aim for classic cuts with subtle texture, offsetting weight by trimming the sides and back.

What do Koreans use to style men’s hair?

Koreans often use lightweight styling creams, hair sprays or oils to add texture and hold while keeping their hair soft and natural looking.


Korean hairstyles for men continue to be bold, textured and stylish. 2024 will see both classic undercuts and fades remain favorites for their versatility and on-trend aesthetic. However, trends are leaning towards more dramatic disconnections and shaved patterns on the sides. 

We will also see a rise in popularity of styles with messy swept tops combining short and long layers for an edgy volume. Color and highlights are becoming increasingly common as well to add dimension whether it be pops of blonde or muted fashion tones. 

Overall, Korean hair emphasizes individual expression and creativity within a polished framework. The cuts are masculine yet unafraid of subtle details. Men will have fun experimenting with their hair next year through colorful cuts that seamlessly blend short and long for a standout look.

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