30 Best Men’s Haircuts for Round Face Shape 2024: Good Hairstyles Tailored for Your Features

For guys with round face shapes, the key is finding hairstyles that add height and angles to elongate and slim the face. Some of the top haircut trends in 2024 that flatter round faces include textured crops and fringe cuts that create movement on top. Side-swept hairstyles with some length also help lengthen the look. Quiffs, pompadours, and styles brushed back and up are very flattering as well. Fades, undercuts, and tapered sides create wonderful contrast and definition too. Facial hair like short, boxed beards can also help accentuate the jawline on round faces. The best looks will add shape and structure while avoiding uniformly curved lines that accentuate the roundness.

Short Male Hairstyles to Flaunt on a Round Face

Round face

Men with round face shapes can definitely pull off short hairstyles – the key is choosing cuts that provide some height and angles to elongate and slim the face. 

A textured crop with a slightly longer, piecey fringe is an excellent option that adds flattering height on top. A side-swept style with short sides creates an amazing definition. Short quiffs and pompadours also give awesome lift and volume to balance roundness. 

Buzz cuts or crew cuts can work well when paired with facial hair like short boxed beards to accentuate the jawline. 

For a trendy look, askaskses style gives the illusion of a more chiseled appearance. No matter the cut, make sure it’s precisely tapered on the sides to avoid adding extra width to the face.

The Brit Look with a Twist!

Round face

The Brit look is so cool and stylish. But you can add your own twist to make it unique. Start with a classic crop cut on top. 

Then ask your barber to tighten the sides and back. This creates a great contrast. For the twist, get them to carve a hard line on one side. 

Or add some texture and movement up top with a matte pomade. Little details like these give the timeless British style your own personal spin. 

It’s a fresh modern vibe while still keeping that dapper, put-together look. Play around and make it your own!

Crew Cut Vibes 

Round face

The crew cut is the epitome of masculine simplicity. With its buzzed short lengths and crisp tapered sides, it projects an aura of discipline and confidence. 

This classic military-inspired style is ideal for the modern man who wants a fuss-free, put-together look.

Mohawk Makeover

  • Bold and edgy mohawk styles are making a comeback 
  • Update the classic look with a taper fade or undercut on the sides 
  • Experiment with different mohawk widths and heights 
  • Add texture and movement with pomade or wax 
  • Pair with designer facial hair for an ultra cool vibe 

Princeton Perfection 

This classic Ivy League hairstyle is always in style. It features short hair on the sides and back. The top has a little more length. This creates a neat, preppy look. To get Princeton Perfection, ask your barber for a crop cut. 

The top should be about 2-3 inches long. Have them taper the sides and back really tight. Using a pomade adds awesome texture up top. 

This hairstyle works for straight or wavy hair types. It’s clean-cut and sophisticated. Perfect for the office or campus life. Stay looking fresh and smart with this timeless cut.

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Medium Hair Magic: Hairstyles for Round-Faced Gents!

Round face

Guys with round faces can definitely rock medium-length hairstyles. The key is choosing styles that add height and angles. This slims and lengthens your face shape. 

One great option is a side-swept look. Have your barber cut the top longer on one side. This creates a deep side part. Style it swept over for awesome movement. 

Another choice is a textured crop with fringe. Ask for choppy layers up top. This gives airy, piecey volume.

For something edgier, try a slick pompadour or quiff. The extra lift and volume balance roundness. Don’t go too wide on the sides, though. 

Taper or undercut sides provide a flattering definition. You can even slick back the top for a polished pomp. Just leave some height at the front. 

A bit of choppy texture also prevents roundness. Play with partings, products, and styling to find your perfect medium-length look.

The Textured Mid-Length Mane

Round face

This hairstyle is so trendy and cool right now. It features longer hair on top, around 4-6 inches. The sides are cut shorter for contrast. Ask your stylist for a tight taper or undercut on the sides and back. 

This gives it a modern, clean-cut look. The longer lengths up top allow you to style it with lots of textured movement.

Use a matte pomade or texture powder to enhance the piecey, messiness. You can sweep it to the side or brush it back for a relaxed, effortless vibe. 

The textured mid-length mane works best on guys with straight to wavy hair. It’s a versatile, low-maintenance style that still looks on-trend. 

Rock it for a fashionable yet laid-back aesthetic. 

Shaggy Vibes a la Daniel Radcliffe 

For an effortlessly cool, shaggy hairstyle, take inspiration from Daniel Radcliffe’s trademark tousled locks. The key is keeping length through the top and sides, with messy, piecey layers that create wonderful movement and texture. 

Ask your stylist for shaggy, face-framing pieces that hit around the jawline or collarbone area. Have them point cut into the lengths for optimal separation and flow. The shaggy style looks best with a middle or slightly off-center part. 

When styling, use a matte pomade or sea salt spray to enhance that perfectly undone, bedhead vibe. Scrunch the product through damp hair and let it air dry for maximum pieceyness.

The Classic Undercut

  • Timeless and versatile men’s hairstyle 
  • Features closely shaved/buzzed back and sides 
  • Longer lengths are left on top 
  • Creates a sharp contrast between short and long hair 
  • Top hair can be styled in countless ways – slick, spiky, pompadour, etc. 
  • Modern undercut variations include disconnected, textured, or faded looks

Long Locks, No Blocks: Male Haircuts for Round-Faced Guys 

Round face

Rocking longer hairstyles can actually be quite flattering for men with round face shapes. The key is choosing styles that elongate and add angles to counteract the roundness. Looks with height at the top, like pompadours or quiffs, create an elongating effect. 

Textured long styles with layers around the face also help slim the appearance. Styling with a deep side part adds dimension as well. 

Flowing locks pushed back off the face prevent exaggerating width. Be careful of uniformly curved shapes that accentuate roundness – opt for edgier cuts with sharper lines instead. Face-framing wispy pieces also camouflage fullness in the cheeks. 

With the right cut and styling, long hairstyles provide the perfect opportunity for round-faced guys to work those rockstar vibes.

Bob with a Flair 

Bob with a Flair For guys looking to make a statement, the bob with a flair is a showstopping hairstyle. This cropped cut features an angled line that grazes the jawline in the back while leaving more length towards the face. 

The bits of longer hair around the front add shape and movement. To give it extra oomph, ask your stylist to incorporate an asymmetrical fringe or fun pops of color. 

Whether swept to one side or styled in messy waves, the bob with a flair exudes edgy confidence. It’s the perfect balance of clean and cool.

The Topknot Touchdown

Embrace your inner surf dude with the topknot touchdown hairstyle. This laid-back long look has risen to extreme popularity.

It features tightly pulled back lengths gathered into a mini bun or knot at the crown. Shaved or undercut sides provide optimal contrast. 

To style, simply brush all your hair straight back and secure it into a topknot with an elastic. Leave face-framing tendrils around the front for a softer finish. 

The topknot marries relaxed vibes with a polished aesthetic. It’s a great low-maintenance option for active guys who prefer to keep their hair off their faces.

Graduated Bob: A Game-Changer

1. Trendy take on the classic bob haircut 

2. Features stacked layers in the back that gradually get longer toward the front 

3. Creates an edgy, asymmetrical look 

4. Can be styled sleek and polished or messy and textured 

5. Versatile length works for many face shapes 

6. Bold yet low-maintenance style for fashion-forward gents

Style Tips for the Round-Faced Men

Finding flattering hairstyles is key for guys with round face shapes. The goal is to elongate and add definition to your features.

Opt for styles with height on top to slim the face. Layers, texture, and side-swept looks also create an angular effect.

  • Go for pompadours, quiffs, or textured crops on top 
  • Ask for tight, tapered sides to provide contrast 
  • Consider an undercut or faded sides and back 
  • Style with a deep side part to add shape 
  • Facial hair like short boxed beards accentuate the jawline 
  • Avoid curved, uniformly round shapes that accentuate wideness 
  • Use products like pomades or texture powders for added pieceyness


Which hair cut is best for a round-faced male?

Textured crops, pompadours, and side-swept styles are best for adding height and angles.

What haircut suits a round chubby face?

Styles with volume on top, like a quiff or textured fringe help slim a round chubby face.

What fade is best for a round face?

A high, tight fade with shorter sides is most flattering for round faces.

Is long hair good for a round-faced male?

Longer hairstyles can work if you avoid uniformly curved shapes and add texture and layers.


When it comes to finding the most flattering hairstyles for round face shapes, the key is creating angles and height to elongate and slim the face. In 2024, the top trends that achieve this include textured crops, pompadours, quiffs, and side-swept styles. 

These voluminous looks on top counterbalance roundness. Undercuts, fades, and tapered sides also lend amazing definition. For those wanting medium or longer lengths, strategic layers, asymmetrical lines, and deep side parts prevent widening the face. 

Carefully styled facial hair can further enhance jaw definition. The main style commandments are avoiding uniformly curved shapes, adding movement through texture and piecey separation, and ensuring sufficient lift and volume on top. 

With the right cut tailored to your specific features, any guy can rock head-turning hairstyles that flatter his round face to perfection in 2024 and beyond.

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